Can the ends of a Vacuum hose be replaced or do you need to replace the entire hose?


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Mar 26, 2014
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One of those ends appears to be a swivel, so if you go with Roscoe's suggestion above, I believe both ends won't be capable of swiveling, unless I'm mistaken. I replaced one of mine as well years ago and besides cutting off the old hose and screwing the new one on, I also added a bead of silicone inside the new cuff. It worked just fine. Again, not sure if you have any other options regarding the swivel end though. I don't think those cuffs will fit over the piece that swivels?

It looks like I was mistaken, they sell one for the swivel end as well. :)

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Aug 9, 2007
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Parts were received.
I used a sharp razor knife and a cutting board to carefully cut each end off. I used the hose side of old end as a guide to cut the end off. I was attempting to cut as squarely as possible. It worked out pretty well.
I trial fit both ends. Lo and behold...left hand threads. Never thought about it.
I ran some kitchen and bath clear silicon in the minor diameter (valley of the threads) of the first 4 or so threads of each hose end and screwed on the ends.
I used my finger to smooth out the residual silicon that squeezed out.
Letting the hose cure overnight.
Total time was less than 20 min.
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Aug 9, 2007
Chesapeake, VA
How did you like the swivel replacement? I've only replaced the other end, and just like you, I used silicone on it as well.
NOT THRILLED with the swivel end.
I vacuumed the pool this AM (bunch of junk in the pool from pressure washing and report on the hose ends).
The swivel end slipped off my vacuum head. A couple of wraps of electrical tape on the vacuum head male fitting to create a larger outer diameter cured this problem.
I did not wrap the connection in tape so the two were semi-permanently joined. TOOOO much work.
Overall, it is better than the split ends, but not perfect.
I do not know if it is my vacuum head or the hose end. Maybe, I received an oversized one or, over time, the vacuum head has been eroded.
Since the Polaris does most of the hard work and I only vacuum during opening and when it gets lots of debris (after storms and such) in the pool, I will probably live with the situation.
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