Can Intellitouch turn lights on at sunset?


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Dec 8, 2015
Dallas, TX
I just got an EasyTouch system and was going to connect my tree lights to it. Even though EasyTouch connects to local weather and knows the time of sunrise and sunset, those times can't be used in automation. Bummer. Pentair support says Intellitouch can't do that either. I did not find any info here when searching threads. Does anyone have a trick to be able to accomplish this with either ET or IT?


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
The easiest way to accomplish what you want to do is to place a photocell switch in-line with the AUX circuit relay that is powering the lights. So, if this is low voltage landscape lighting and you have a low voltage transformer that is being powered by one of the AUX relays, you simply put a 120VAC photocell in series with the hot leg running the transformer. Then you set the AUX circuit to turn on in the afternoon when the sun is still up (say 4:30pm) and you let the photocell switch determine when the lights come on. You can then set the OFF time of the AUX circuit to be midnight or something like that and lights will turn off when you're in bed. 120V photocell switches are less than $20 and are easily wired into most landscape transformers.