Can I use this to increase my Calcium Hardness???


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Apr 9, 2008
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If purchasing calcium chloride, be sure that it is pure enough for pool use. Some manufacturers have started allowing bromine in their calcium chloride, which is not good for chlorine pools.

I copied that because I bought some Calcium Hardness Increaser today at Lowes and now I am worried
that it isn't what I should have bought. I didn't see until I got home that it says it's for spa's.
It has Calcium Choloride 21% and other ingredients 79%
How can I know what the other ingredients are?
It is a liquid and says it increases the level of calcium hardness in spa water.
What do ya'll think?
It is very dilute since it's for spas. the other 79% is most likely water.
return it and get the calcium harndess increaser made for pools which is usually pellet or flake.

Further discussion of bromine in calcium chloride has been moved to this post in The Deep End. JasonLion


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May 7, 2007
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The original quote referred to calcium chloride sold as a deicer. I have edited the original to clarify that I am speaking about the deicer grade calcium chloride containing bromine. Any calcium increaser product sold for swimming pools will be fine.