can i use the fas dpd powder from my k2006C to test for bromine or do need something else


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Aug 14, 2018
Im about to dive into taking care of hot tubs. Not by choice, but several of the vacation rental properties that I take care of have hot tubs. I guess once there's tabs in the floater, I can just shock once a week with my pool store chlorine jug and test everything else the same as the pool?


May 17, 2020
I am still a newbie to hot tubs as well. I am using my K-2006 and later purchased K-2006C test kit to test Bromine levels. The FAS-DPD powder is the same. The difference is that Taylor provides two different titrating reagents. The K-2006 provides R-0871, originally designed for measures of Chlorine, unless you use the R-0872 designed for Bromine level testing. You can use the R-0871 perfectly fine understanding that each drop for ppm chlorine has to be multiplied by 2.25 for ppm Bromine. If you think about it the R-0871 chlorine reagent is a more concentrated version of the R-0872. It takes 2.25 times as many drop to find the bromine level. R-0872 just makes the math easier. It could be said the R-0872 allows for more accurate Bromine ppm measurements. I've used both and will use the R-0872 until it is gone, then fall back to only using R-0871 if I bounce between a chlorine to/from bromine spa.