Can I use an above-ground winter cover for an inground pool?


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Feb 3, 2020
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Been searching for an oval inground winter cover to no avail. I have been using a rectangular cover but the excess cover is not ideal and would like to find an oval shape to more closely match the dimensions of my inground pool. However, it seems manufacturers only make oval above-ground pool covers. What’s the difference between the above-ground and inground winter covers? Why couldn’t I just use an above-ground cover and weigh the perimeter down with water bags like an ordinary inground pool cover? Thanks for any info.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Its basicly a custom sized tarp. If you can get one large enough to cover the pool with enough extra material to secure it with water bags or weights there is no reason why you can't use it. As far as differences between the two, most above ground covers have gromets around the edge, a wire that threads through the gromets, and a winch to tighten the wire and secure the cover to the pool. They are made out of tarp material and my last a few years at most. Inground pool covers may be tarp style that are weighed down with specific water bags. If you don't use enough weight and you have a heavy snow or water build up it could drag the cover into the pool. Many people buy custom safety covers for their inground pools. They are a tight mesh and allows some water to seep through and they attach to the deck with special deck anchors. They are very durable and last many years.
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