Can I switch from Tri-chlor to bleach?


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Apr 20, 2011
Oh boy.... she is back. Yup, it is me... pool stupid! :)

So, we started to open the pool, and had a huge storm come in and it rained for 3 days straight. We were right in the middle of opening our pool when husband had a huge leak issue with the hose that goes into the pump and one at the pressure gage.... so we couldn't add any chemicals.... whatever, it sucked because the pool WAS crystal clear and now it is full of dark cloudy green. Want a drink??

So, I tested the water because obviously we have to get this baby up and going but need to address the Algae bloom. There was no FC showing. PH is at 8+ and cya didn't even show at all so it must be around 20 is my guess. That black dot just didn't go away at all.

I put a trichlor tablet into a sock and we have it attached to a inner tube by a string floating around in the pool. My understanding is that we want to balance out the water first by lowering our PH before we hit the pool with a sanatizer. My question is this.... once you use trichlor or Dichlor in a pool, can you switch to bleach? Should I be putting in a granular form of stabilizer prior to bringing the pool up to shock level?

I am as confused as ever so one of you wonderful most intelligent peoples here will be really appreciated if you can help me out and slowly explain to this very clueless woman what I need to do here.

By the way.... i've had a baby since I last visited here. :) His name is Nicholas and he is a miracle baby. 10% chance at surviving the pregnancy. I will have to post a picture.... when we got this pool we had no idea how important it would end up being. Nicholas has Down Syndrome and this pool will be very beneficial to his physical needs. :)

Okay.... i will wait for one of you smart peoples to fill me in. :)


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Sep 21, 2009
Greentown, IN
You might want to adjust your ph before you begin the shock process, so get some muriatic acid too.

You can add the cya anytime. It would be beneficial to have se there while you are shocking to help maintain your FC levels. The more you add though, the higher your shock level will need to be.

You can do it... And congrats on your baby boy!!