Can I start to SLAM?


Apr 30, 2017
Stuarts Draft, Virginia
I was wondering how long after adding the stabilizer you have to wait before SLAMming the pool. The previous owners had the pool refilled last spring, so it's only had one summer of pool store maintenance. I tested the water this past Monday and Tuesday with the TF-100 kit, and both tests came back with zero CYA. I added a 5lb bottle of stabilizer to two socks and have had them hanging in front of the skimmer since Tuesday. I squeeze them throughout the day, but it's taking forever for it to dissolve. Do I need to wait until it's all dissolved, then test, then SLAM, or can I start adding bleach now? The water is clear for now, but there's algae starting to form on the sides.


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Hi there, and welcome! :wave:

If your pH is right, about 7.2 as per SLAM criteria, you can begin. Just raise the FC level to what you planned the Cya additon for, and you're all set to go. Assume it's there and begin.
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