Can I see your raised spa??


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Jun 25, 2020
I’ve been meeting with a few PB in our area getting designs/quotes. I’m currently waiting for 4 bids to come back, but the main detail that is worrying me is raised spa height! Everyone I’m meeting with says 18 inch height is best due to it being easy to get in from a seated position and the ability to use it as a bench for seating. Visually, I think it may stick up too high, especially since I want it adjacent to a sun shelf. Anyone want to share pics of your spas with me so I can make a better decision??? Here’s a pic of the pool I’m going for. FB2F7914-ACA9-48F0-8C87-A97165CB91AB.jpegFB2F7914-ACA9-48F0-8C87-A97165CB91AB.jpeg
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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
When our kids were little, one of our daughters had a friend who had a pool with a waterfall. My wife always loved the relaxing sound of that waterfall. When we were looking to install a pool, we decided to get a raised spa that would spill over into the pool to create that waterfall effect. The spa added substantially to the cost. But, I told my wife that if we didn't get it, every time she went out to the pool she would think about not having that waterfall.
We had to build our pool and spa on a sloped area of our yard which required a very substantial wall to have to be built. This worked out great as far as having the raised spa.

Here's an evening picture: