Can I put the pool on uneven old asphalt? Tips for creating a level surface?


May 22, 2020
Northern Virginia
So on a whim I bought an above ground pool. 14’ x48” best way steel pro max full kit. I think it corresponded with the day we got word that summer camp was cancelled. I totally did not think it through and I’m considering returning it. It it might also be just what we need to survive the summer.

We have two placement options. One in the back yard but we would have to run electricity about 150 feet plus level the ground. This option gets full sun. The other option is to place it on our 20 yo asphalt driveway that is close to the electricity source and the house. This option is partially shaded. This surface is also not level. I put our 10 foot inflatable pool on it yesterday and it looks to be off by 3 inches.
Thoughts, suggestions, concerns on placement options? Pro and con.

This will not be a DIY job. It possible once the base is prepared I could assemble. But honestly probably better to pay someone. There’s no way I can even imagine that. Who would I be looking for to do this? Could a landscaper do this? I’m in northern Virginia if you know anyone specifically.

Any information to help a frazzled mama out is appreciated.


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May 25, 2020
Dont trust me as I just started but wondering if you level it with a layers of foam and multiple pavers until it is all level...I am sure an expert will weigh in.


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Jul 17, 2007
Hillsborough, NC
I would use your back yard. How out of level is the back yard? What I did when I had an intex pool was build a large box - like a garden box - out of landscape timbers and leveled that, then backfilled with sand and set the pool on it. my yard was only out a few inches. It worked for 4 seasons like that until we got a permanent above ground pool.
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