Can I plug one inlet in my pool to get better circulation?

Hey gang, I was wondering about getting better circulation in my pool. I was thinking about plugging the inlet in the deep end to sent more water to the shallow end. This I think would circulate the pool better right? Or is there a cover I could get that would make the water come out at a higher velocity? I was thinking or even just making my own cover plate that would screw into the existing one that would only have a single hole for high velocity flow. What doe you guys/gals think? Thanks. :-D



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May 7, 2007
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Each return normally has a fitting called an "eyeball" that can be used to direct the water in different directions. These fittings are available with various size openings, which will vary how much pressure the water is under, and thus how strong of a jet there is. In general you get better circulation by having larger openings and thus a higher total flow rate. Usually aiming the return in the correct direction is all that is needed to get good circulation. You usually want the water to flow around the pool, either clockwise or counter clockwise, pushing debris into the skimmers. With some irreguarly shapped pools this is difficult to do and more complex flow patterns are required.


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Mar 29, 2007
I'm with Jason in that you won't necessarily get better circulation, but you should get increased pressure. For example, I do not have any water features on my pool (i.e. waterfall, spa jets etc.) so to aerate when I need to lower Alk, I have found that by inserting a water bottle cap into one "eye ball", I can increase the pressure enough to create my own waterfalls via pieces of short hose inserted into the remaining "eyeballs". In your case, it may very well send more water to the shallow end. Try the bottle cap. :lol: