can I keep my baracuda ranger going while on a 4 day weekend

I am leaving on thurs comming back Sunday, maybe Monday. Can I leave the barracuda vacume going while I am gone I have it connected to the pump with a timer. I will shock it before I leave. We will leave in the morning, tommow.

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The only problem with that is if it causes the pump to lose prime while it's off. does the hose go through the front of the skimmer and connecto to a vacuum plate? I know with our suction side jerker connected to a vacuum plate If I don't physically hold it down it'll come lose when the pump shuts off.
thanks for the reply, I just got back and was afraid to leave it in the pool.
the hose goes directly into the skimmer not using a plate so that should not be any problem.
When I got back the pool was super clear, but lots of dead algee, the ranger would have eliminated that problem. Next time I will try it.
What do ya'll think?

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