Can I even backwash my filter?


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May 31, 2014
Wentzville, MO
Hey guys,

I did a search and tried to find an answer but it seems my plumbing may not be setup to even do a backwash?

I have 2 inlet lines like normal going into a Tee and then the pump. Then one out of the pump to a valve that allows me to turn it to the drain hose. That goes directly to the filter housing, then out the other side to the chlorinator, then out to the two returns.

I keep reading about another "backwash" valve, but I don't have anything else? Do some setups not allow this?

Just making sure.



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Jul 8, 2011
I have a cartridge filter with a discharge valve between the pump and filter. I also have a valve just before the filter on the pump side. I can open the discharge valve and close the filter valve allowing water to be pumped to waste. This is handy when the pool is too full from a recent rain or when pumping antifreeze out of the suction lines when opening the pool.

20 x 44.5 single roman end, ~33,000 gallons, 10 feet deep, garrett vinyl liner, Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter, Hayward 2 HP Pump, Cirrcupool RJ60 SWG, Hayward 140k BTU Heater, Polaris 380 with Booster Pump