Can I do spot replastering of a pool or hot tub

Feb 11, 2015
I was considering replastering my pool because I started to have more significant algae problems but mainly because my pool is about 15 years old. But it really isn't pitted, even a pool person said it was still kind of smooth, perhaps I am just getting worse at keeping my pool free of algae, I have been slacking on water maintenance.

When I got someone out here to look at my pool for replastering they don't really convince me that I have to do it, it seems they just think "well the pool is it should be replastered". Regardless if the whole pool really needs it, in just one area of my hot tub only, I do have a definite plaster problem. A small area of hot tub, maybe a 2 inch long area about 1/2 wide the gunite is exposed. And the 3 inch in diameter area around where that exposure exists the plaster is flaking. Its just in the hot tub and its just that.

Is there a treatment I can do for just a small area of pool in this case hot tub, to repair the plaster? That area just bugs me. When I get algae that area always gets it. Its like its just an unhealthy spot in my pool but that is about it. I suppose hot tubs suffer more wear than the rest of the pool.
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