Can I add the ph control option to my Autopilot?


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May 26, 2007
Round Rock, TX
I purchased and install my AutoPilot Digi 200 last year. Is there a place where I can purchase the PH controller/ acid tack/pump portion to get the complete setup?

My looking online only provides buying the whole thing at once.



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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
The parts are available separately if you look hard enough, for example here, but the main unit in the Total Control system is not quite the same as the main unit of the Digital Model. Last I heard, the Digital unit won't interface with the chemistry controller, so there is no add-on upgrade path. You can use the manifold and cell with either system.


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Apr 16, 2008
Burlington, WI
My understanding is that you cannot update to the Total Control system. However, you can accomplish the same task by adding a CAT controller.

You can check them out at CAT Controllers: Paul – office # 800-657-2287. You will receive a good synopsis from Paul.

I have talked with him many times, he is very helpful.