Can anyone show me your “natural” water-Line tile pictures? (Browns/greys)


Sep 29, 2019
Niceville Florida
Love that color combo ButchRay - who is the manufacturer and color?
NPT was the supplier of the tile, but not 100% on the color. The contract says "travertine color tile"...I know it came in 12x24 inch pieces and they cut them down the middle of the 12 inch side to make 6x24 tiles. Looking through the NPT catalog, my guess is that they were the sand color. Travertine is ivory. Hope this helps.
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Jul 5, 2018
Acworth ga
I also wanted a very natural look, wanted the tile to "disappear", and i believe it does. Tile is "Classic pool tile and travertine", CT-OX 19 Marine.Screenshot_20200830-060438_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20200830-060415_Gallery.jpg Pebble finish is Northshore tahoe wet edge signature matrix