Can a 3 way diverter valve have 4 positions


So, typically, a 3- way diverter valve directs flow from one inlet (A) to one (B) or the other (C) outlet. Actuators travel the whole 180° to move the gate.

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But, that gate is in theory able to move 270/360°. Which means that I could have 4 positions:

0° - Gate is up top, A connects to B AND to C
90° - Gate is in front of B, A connects to C
180° Gate in front of C, A connects to B
270° Gate in front of A, B connects to C

So, is there an actuator, which can do this, or at least 3 positions, giving an OFF?

This assumes, of course, that the gate can handle the pressure from the outside towards the center of the valve, and here is where my logic potentially falters.



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You can move the valve manually, but you can't move it with an actuator because the actuator only has two positions. The actuator stops when it hits a mirco-switch.. If you take the micros-witches out, it will just continuously rotate without stopping.


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What are you trying to do?

Typically water enters through the center port (A) and you can send water from A to B&C, or A to B, or A to C, or close A, all manually.

At this time all motorized actuators automatically move between 2 positions you set.