Calling all Subcontractors - Dallas-Fort Worth Area


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Jul 21, 2016
Keller, TX
Hi y'all, we are finally getting ready to build are pool. Plan is about 90%(?!?) finalized with a few changes forthcoming. I have put together a budget but would like to start getting some hard costs and bids. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area I would appreciate it if you could PM who you used for the trades listed below (good and bad experiences welcomed).

1. Electrical
2. Plumbing (I could do this myself but frankly don't want to deal with it)
3. Plaster (have a few quotes but wanted to see what others are out there)
4. Concrete decking (may go pavers, would appreciate any feed back on people who have pavers surrounding their pool, how hot on feet, etc)
5. Equipment purchase (I already have a link for Amazon :), looking to see if someone had a pool company bid their equipment and got treated fairly)
6. Gunite (I already got pricing from the 3 gunite companies in North Fort Worth / Keller area)

I plan on self-performing the following work:
1. Excavation
2. Rebar tying
3. Retaining walls
4. Landscaping
5. Tile & coping

Pool rendering below. FYI I made this using Realtime Landscaping Architect (2018 Trial version) in about a day. I downloaded the trial version months ago and it hasn't expired yet. It seems to lack some of the surface material options but has plenty of drawing and 3d capabilities.

Wasik Pool.PNG

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Congrats on the new project! :wave: Hats-off to you for sub'ing this thing yourself and taking the lead. :salut: Make sure to post back to the thread as much as you need to in an effort to solict ideas and/or get assistance from those in your local area. Keep us posted on your progress and best fo luck. :swim: