Calculating pool gallons for play pool bottom to search for heat pump


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Jun 23, 2018
Dewitt, Arkansas
Hello all. I am wanting to price heat pumps and compare brands,however, I cannot determine my pool volume. Our build starts in March. Our pool will be a vinyl 18x34 rectangle, play bottom (wedged to center- no flat spot) 3.5’ - 5.5’ - 4’ . Steel walls are 42” and i e shallow end will have an appx 6” cove to achieve the 4’ . 10 ft Roman steps at each end. My understanding is the pool depths are wall height. Does anyone have a formula or similar pool?


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May 26, 2018
Long Island, NY
I don’t have any answers but we are building at the same time :) I’m excited and panicing all at the same time!
1) - If you picked a reputable pool company, that's an excellent start

2) - Bookmark TFP - this is like the mother of all support groups when it comes to pools.

3) - Don't forget to donate like I did! I literally just looked and realized I had not - so I did - just now.....WORTH EVERY PENNY!....the folks here are amazing.

Best of luck with the build!
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