Calcium under spa overflow ledge


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Jun 29, 2009
Vero Beach, FL
Here are my numbers:

CL = 10
pH = 7.5
TA = 80
CH = 400
CYA = 70
Salt = 4500
Borates = 50 (approx - based on amount added)
Pool temp = 84

Have not had a signigicant problem with calcium buildup until now. Only thing I've added in the past few months is 2 lbs citric acid to clear up some stains caused by iron from a repair job.

Normally, the spa overflows into the pool. But about 2x a week I let the spa get up to about 100 - 110 degrees and don't let it spill over until the next day. I just noticed a large portion of the tile under the overflow had significant calcium deposits. Its not on any other tile - just under the ledge. Why would I only start seeing this now? I guess it has been a while since I brushed the pool.
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