Calcium hardness


May 11, 2015
Princeton Junction, NJ
Hello everyone!

Yesterday I asked my daughter to test the pool chemistry. She said the calcium was at 250. I was a little surprised how low it was but the pool has been out of commission for about three or four weeks due to a pump failure and the chemistry wasn't being tested during that time. Also with the recent torrential rain we’ve been getting in NJ over the past serval weeks I thought maybe that was an accurate read. (Should have had her test it). Anyway I added about 80% of the recommended calcium. I retested this morning to find that the calcium hardness reagent bottle leaks out of the side of the nozzle if you aren’t careful. Which is I think why my daughter got such a low read. The calcium measure at around 500. Recommended calcium level tops out at 450 for a gunite poll per the pool calc app. Is being 50 higher going to be a problem? Or should I drain some of the water and refill?