Calcium Hardness Question


Mar 14, 2017
Anthem, AZ
I'm super new to all this. Got rid of my pool guy, and tossed the test strips. Yesterday I drained the pool and refilled it last night.

Took my first Taylor K2006 test kit measurements:

1.6 ppm FC
0.4 ppm CC
8.0 pH
140 Total Alkalinity
410 Calcium Hardness
36 ppm CYA

Delighted with all numbers except Calcium Hardness. PoolMath is telling me to drain 37% of my pool...but I just drained 85% yesterday.

Can you let me know what I'm doing wrong?


Texas Splash

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Also, with that K-2006, remember you can use the 10 ML water sample size, use one hefty scoop of powder, then mix from pink to clear. Take the total number and divide by 2. Example: 14 drops = FC of 7. That is an accurate way of measuring and should help to save you some reagent. Also agree with Mr. B - increase FC quickly and lower pH and you'll do fine. If you find your pH increasing quickly, consider lowering your TA via the TFP Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity page. Consider a new TA range of about 70-80 and see if that helps keep the pH from rising so fast.

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