Calcium chloride vs calcium carbonate to raise CH in SWG chlorinated pool


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Apr 16, 2015
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I recently saw a video arguing against adding calcium chloride to a pool that is SWG chlorinated. Does anyone have any input on that? The argument was that in a salt water pool the calcium chloride will leach out on the cell plates. And that a lower level of CH (100ppm) can be maintained without much damage and can be offset by a higher TA in the 160ppm range. Also that the better option to raise CH is calcium carbonate. I just tested my CH(getting the pool in FL ready for the season) and it is basically zero from what I can tell so I was going to add some calcium chloride to raise it up. Now I'm second guessing that. Here is the video for reference:

Here are my levels(FC is high as I was doing a SLAM for a few days)

FC: 25ppm
PH: 7.4
TA: 100ppm
Salt: 4000ppm
CYA: 50ppm

20k gallon inground wet edge satin matrix with a cartridge filter, purchlor SWG
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Video is almost nonsense - CSI is the key and not calcium on its own.

I took a quick shot of my SWCG plates just the other day as its coming up to 2 years of operation utilising TFP guidelines - Can't see any problems yet... :)

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