Calcium chloride on Ebay?


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Hey all-

My current numbers:
FC- 5
pH- 7.6
TA- 80
CH- 220
CYA- 50

It looks like I need to raise my CH a bit. I'm looking for a good source of calcium chloride. Here are three options:
1- Leslie's sells Hardness Plus ($32 for 15 lbs).
2- Ace may or may not have Safe Step Extreme 7200 ($17 for 20 lbs).
3- And on Ebay, I found someone selling this for $25 shipped:
<This is a 25 lbs box of Calcium Chloride Flakes, 77-80% anhydous.Standard pool water hardness increaser. Also used as ice melter. It is in a 25 lbs box(+/- 1lb). We have tons of it. Dont let the soft water deteriorate your pool's surface and equipment. If you need larger quantities or different size packaging in boxes for retail, please contact us.This calcium is not suitable for aquarium use.>

Is "anhydrous" calcium chloride good? How does it compare to Leslie's and Ace's? Is Safe Step Extreme 7200 appropriate for pool use?



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May 7, 2007
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All three should be fine, the first two certainly are and the third one is a little less clear but ought to be good. On eBay I look for people selling Dow Flake or Peladow, both of which are certainly alright. "anhydrous" is fine, that means it is calcium chloride, and not calcium chloride dihydrate. Leslie's tends to sell calcium chloride dihydrate, which you need to use a little more of compared to calcium chloride.