Calcium Chloride Issue


Aug 16, 2015
Bryan, Texas
My apologies, but as usual, a dumb question for members of the forum.

I was adding some Calcium Chloride to our pool today, and was worried that I may have gotten some up of it sucked into the skimmer before it was fully dissolved/dissipated. I was using the method of pouring it into an old pool net, then holding the net out into the water to let it dissolve, instead of using the bucket method.

However, unlike in the past, this time I was using the net by hand, and holding out into the pool by an arm's length, instead my normal method of using a pole to get it out further into the middle of the pool (wasn't thinking, as with most everyone else, my mind has been occupied with other things as of late). It was during this that I noticed a large, undissipated cloud of dissolved Calcium Carbonate heading towards, and into the skimmer.

Thus my question. Could this have caused any damage to the skimmer, pipes or the filter, due either to the residual heat carried over from the reaction, or by the solidifying/clogging of the solution against pipe walls or in the skimmer grids as it was carried through the system. I'm hoping that the solidification problem is an issue only with gunnite, and not with PVC pipe, and that the heat generated by dissolving a couple of pounds of Calcium Chloride would be negated by the surrounding larger volume of water in the pool before it traveled the three (or so) foot distance into the skimmer (sure would hate to have to the skimmer or any damaged returns).

Like I said, it was a bit of a dumb question, but my late father was the one with the Chemistry degree. Just wanted to make sure (with every else I'm having to worry about these days) that I didn't damage (by either clogging or melting) either the skimmer, the return pipes or the filter grids (especially as they are almost brand new).