Bypass Heater Using Jandy Actuation Valves And iAqualink 2.0


Jul 14, 2010
I don't know if anyone can do this type of upgrade. I would like to put in a heater bypass circuit utilizing Jandy actuator valves. I have an older, and working well, Teledyne Lars heater that leaches some copper into my pool. As a result I would like to bypass the heater during its daily circulation duties. I don't use the heater to heat my pool anymore since I have a pool solar system. But there are times I use the heater to quickly heat my spa. I also have a Jandy iAqualink 2.0 which I would like to utilize in activating the proposed bypass heater valves. Using the iAquailink app I would like to automatically open the Jandy Actuation valves when the heater is enabled. But the problem lies in the fact that if the bypass valve closes when the heater is disabled, the heater will not get the water to do a "cool down" cycle. So I was thinking about using an AUX on the RS board to control just the off position only. So as to manually let the water circulate through the heater for a few minutes, before switching the valve to off (closed). Then again every time the heater is enabled the valve would always open. I would be interested in any ideas and options for this strategy. Thanks.


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Jul 21, 2013
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The actuator has 3 wires:
  • Black - Common
  • Red - Switch Leg
  • White - Switch Leg
Wire black and red to bypass open and wire black and white to AUX for bypass close.