Buying a pump today

My pump sounds craazyy! no time to lose, gotta get something or risk hearing loss.

Currently a Hayward Super 2 1.5hp Single Speed is there. Given that the pump is about 7-10 years old I figured I'd replace the whole pump. Should i replace it with a hayward Super 2 Dual Speed or something else (cheapest i found with switch was about $600)? Just looking for an Amen or someone to confirm I shouldn't get something else like a pentair intelliflow. Seems like the whole forum suggests dual speed on low for most people. Anything else to consider?

24,000 gallon pool, DE Filter, 5 return jets, nothing else really


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Jan 6, 2010
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Sounds like a plan.

Before you lay out the long green, though, maybe pull the motor out of the pump housing. I once thought I needed bearings. Turned out a small piece of gravel got vacuumed up and made its way through the pump strainer and was caught behind the impeller. A couple gaskets is a lot cheaper than a motor.


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May 10, 2009
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You can do the whole pump, or you can buy an equivalent 2 speed motor to replace what you have (if it is the motor). Buying a whole new pump does get you the advantage of a warranty. You can also consider dropping down to a 1 HP 2 speed pump as well - it would probably work just as well.
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to finalize this thread and let whomever may be interested know what I ended up doing. I bought a "Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump 342001". The 2 speed pumps didn't seem to be much less expensive than this VS one, and a variable speed presented more options such as:

- I assumed that to get the right skimming pressure on low speed I may need to tune the pump speed
- Don't have to run at max speed ever really. Can leave it at a lower max speed when adding chemicals, like 2700
- The timer features are awesome. I've been leaving it running 24 hours a day at a low .. rpms? I set it to around 1200 which seems to be appropriate for daily movement, and around 2700 for when i add pool chemicals. I can probably adjust more as needed later

One of the issues I had with Pentair was the 30 or 60 day warranty if not installed by a "professional", but my credit card has an "extended warranty" so I think if it actually messed up within 1-2 years it would be somewhat covered anyways. The installation was really easy too. It took a little bit of time, but it's just pipe and 3 electrical wires and a little bit of planning. There was also an awesome video on youtube about the installation of that specific pump

Anyways, I wanted to thank the people that gave input and troublefree forums in general