Buttress straps pulling up? Safe to still swim? Help!


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Jul 7, 2010
Hi everyone, I need some help. I have had several above ground pools in the past (no problems)and just had to replace one that was damaged in a storm. It just got filled last night. Problems- I see the buttress straps underneath the liner on two of the post and it appears they are leaning up through the liner because of the pressure of the pool once filled. The post are all sitting on 12x12 cement blocks buried in about 2 inches. In addition, the top rails are not completely straight, telling me the side post might not have been put in correctly. Also when the light was on last night there were lost of divits or small holes that were apparent in the bottom. This seemed to be the case in only the area where the old straps were removed. The ends of pool seemed to be ok, but they didn't do much work removing anything there. We paid a lot for this pool and installation and I don't want to be stuck with something that could be dangerous or break again. A couple questions... Do you think the pool is safe? Is there a chance it could collapse? What is the fix for the buttress side post and straps? Could the straps coming up get worse? What is the cause of the moon craters on the bottom of pool and how to fix? We are in TX...so very hot! Could we get use this pool till winter and have installer fix it then (of course by contract since he is already paid) We want to be fair to the installer, but also want a new working pool. Any thoughts? Thanks everyone!