burnt connectors on my Autopilot

Apr 27, 2007
Today I had low amps reading and started checking all the cord connections and realized the black and red connectors were completely melted and separated from the cell cable. Obviously I need a new cord, however I am wondering what caused this before I install a new cable. Is there something causing this or is this just something that happens over time. The cell is a SC-48 (its not a generic cell) 1 year old. The whole unit is ~4 years old. I live in Phoenix and its been >110 F all this week. Don't know if it just overheated?

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Jun 22, 2009
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To simply answer your question the cause is from a loose connection. Why there was a loose connection, I don't know. Since the unit is most likely out of the warranty period I'd use contact grease (conductive not dielectric) on the new cable connector. Make sure to clean every spec of oxidation off the mating connectors before applying the grease and also make sure that none of the grease migrates from one post to the other as it's conductive.