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May 5, 2018
Albany NY
We just bought a house in 2016 and the sellers crushed and buried an Inground that was built in 1976, 20x40 ft. Problem is, is we really want a pool. We have a smaller yard, 1/4 of an acre, the ground is relatively soft, the grass won’t grow where the pool was taken out. A semi inground was recommended by the first and only pool dealer we went to. We live in the capital region of NY. Does anyone have any thoughts, recommendations or experience you would like to share or knowledge on this type of situation? Pool maintenance is not an issue but cost of pool is because we’re first time buyers.

Thanks for any input or insights you have to offer!


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Jul 10, 2012
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An above ground pool while you save up the money to dig the old pool up and out might be the best idea. The digging up will be quite a bit of $$$. I suggest getting many quotes to see how much you will need to save up.



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Jun 16, 2017
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Hi, no idea about the digging up the old pool, but we are in the same area. We had a pool build start in October last year and it's in the process of being finished as we speak. We have a small back yard with some access issues due to woods, power lines and just overall space issues and out of the 4 quotes we got, 2 of the companies wouldn't work with us at all due to the access issues. Another one would but wanted to charge us a lot of extra $$$$ and the company we went with discussed with us the access issues and accepted it without charging a lot of extra money. We are for the most part happy with them...final product isn't done so holding off on excellent praise for now, lol....not sure if it's appropriate to say company names on the public form piece, feel free to PM if you want more information.


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Aug 10, 2017
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U r basically going to do a new pool build and while digging u will remove the panels and concrete of the old pool. If thia was a concrete pool then u will have alot of extra work hammering out the concrete and the diaposal. About 5 grand if conxrete and half that or less if steel wall pool on top of bew build price
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