Building Vinyl LIner Pool in July. 18x36 Sport Pool. Indiana.


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May 25, 2020
Here's what we're planning:
Anything glaringly bad? Anything else we should consider?

We are thinking a 5.5' deep section in the middle, 3.5' on one side, and 4.5' on the other

Here's the specs:
18x36 inground kit radius rect. inground pool kit 40"
like this liner: Watson | McEwen Industries i like the more greenish look and think this will hit that
1 skimmer
2 returns
2 main drains
1 inwall ladder with stainless steel handrails
heavy gauge liner
SD80 sand filter
1 hsp Pentair superflo
safety rope
gray coping
1 corner white step
salt generator
maintenance kit including telescopic pole, manual vacuum head and vacuum hose
amp 30 2010 intellibrite colored lighte 12 volt 30' cord
rheem heat pump M6450TI-E 119K 208-230V
18x36 under track automatic cover with flush walk on lid
automatic cover 18x36
color: is there a better color to buy for fading? or does it matter?

Thanks so much.


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Jul 10, 2012
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What a fun time!!! I would love to see the yard where this pool will be going!

I would have a couple more returns added. You want that water to move around to keep it clean.

Main drain-you do NOT have to have a main drain. With a sport pool I see a main drain as a toe stubber more than anything!

Make sure to get the details on the equipment:
-pump what model? How many speeds?
-SWG-which one?
-filter seems a little small-the bigger you go the less you have to clean it!

I LOVE your liner pick! All of them fade over time so no worries.



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May 25, 2020
We are finally on the list..fingers crossed starts in next couple of weeks.
Had to pick Liner.
Hubby went with this one.

Still debating depth...
more of 'sport' with water depth 4 to 5.5 to 4 vs gradual deep 4 to 6.5 or 7 ...
pool is 18x36 with corner white step

Here is our's 3 acres. we left most of back wooded.
from yard to house

our site plan with pool


we are semi empty nesters. have family with younger kids. our kids are late teens adult.
hubby volunteers with teens. we have lots of various ages [mostly older kids adults]...

i like to swim and go under water and just float...

debating doing 18" bench on side somewhere too ?
i'd love baja shelf... but our budget is at top... and don't want to take away from swimming playing area...

should i post separate depth question?


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Jul 10, 2012
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You can post a depth question. Lets think about your title............."Sport pool or cannon ball pool? Which one and why?" I think that would work to get the right eyes on it.
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