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Jul 16, 2021
Hi as i was researching for the pool i came across this forum which is very helpful. We have identified the coping tile "Ivory Beige" at NPT. We are torn between "Equinox Multi Color" glass tile and "Twilight Black" Glass Tile. Both are iridescent. So far as pool finish is concerned we are leaning towards Tropical Blue. Our PB suggested Tahoe Blue but we felt it was little lighter. Plus our pool is 4.5-5-3.5 so we are thinking to have a darker blue like Tropical Blue. Also in Tropical Blue there is Mini Pebble which has abalone shells and Tropical Puerto rico Blend which is an upgrade. Do we need to go for an upgrade or the abalone shells in the Mini Pebble should give a good reflection? Appreciate your feedback.


Mar 27, 2021
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I have puerto Rico blend and abalone added to my mini pebble. I highly recommend both. The abalone gives the most sparkle though. The variety of colors of glass beads look amazing up close.
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