Building My Own Pool!


Aug 7, 2019
Casa Grande Arizona
Hello TFP community,

I just got my design and it has been sent for contractor's bid. Even though this is my first time doing this big of a scale project I am up for the challenge. If anyone is in the Phoenix area and know of good contractors for any of the phases please let me know, I would like to get in contact with them.

Just wanted to share with everyone my project that will be coming live in a few weeks!!
Pool Specs
120 Linear Feet Perimeter
Pool Size: 22'6 x 44'
Area: 736sq
Gallons: 16,653
Depths: 3'5 - 5' - 8'
WaterFall Grotto with slide (for the kids)
In-floor cleaning system



Aug 7, 2019
Casa Grande Arizona
Hi JJ_Tex,

Thanks man, at the moment no light inside the grotto just the two lights in the pool. It is an option I am considering but not necessary(We went with a bigger pool instead). Once I have the full price I will see if it is something we can add as well :)


Bronze Supporter
Jul 17, 2019
Prosper, TX (DFW)
We are building now too, so I'm a newbie as well but this forum has lots of great info.

From reading other posts, I suspect you will get a couple of recommendations:
- Ditch the in floor cleaning system and go for a robot for much cheaper and better
- Go with salt

You probably want to also list your equipment (filter type, pump, automation, header, etc.) if you want feedback there. Good luck!