Building an outdoor BBQ/Kitchen over PVC pipes?


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Sep 16, 2016
Katonah NY

My pool is about 30 years old. I have been thinking about putting an outdoor kitchen in at the pool for a few years. I had my mason start digging out the area that I wanted to put it & we discovered some pipes.

Here is my pool.

The plan was to put it in the back left corner which was a 'planted' area - basically it would grow weeds in the summer & get out of control.

So our plan was to have a BBQ / Bar facing the pool house (something similar to this:

Going say 8' x 8'.

However now i found this:

The discussion with the mason was to make the entrance into the 'kitchen' with a 5" step up (covering / encapsulating the PVC pipes) in concrete (digging a few inches below the pipes). Then raise the whole area inside the kitchen 6".

My concerns are

1. If the new slab moves & breaks all my pool pipes - that would be a big problem.
2. The extra weight of the BBQ on the slab (which the existing pvc pipes are sitting) - damaging the pipes.

Any thoughts or comments?



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Apr 12, 2016
Tucson, AZ
Personally, I think my bigger concern would be needing to access those pipes to fix a leak or other problem and having to tear up the kitchen to do so. I think Skippy has the right approach.