Build starts today! 6/15/20


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Mar 15, 2020
NE Florida
Hi everybody. Slow but steady progress is being made. We've had a couple issues come up here and there but all seems to be going well enough, it just feels super slow, and feels even slower with the holiday.
Issues that have occurred.
1. Groundwater required some effort with the submersible pump and leaving a hole in the bottom of the concrete shell for now to allow equalization.
2. Our equipment pad location moved and there have been stumbles.
2a. Code says the heater can't be within 5ft of a window and our original plan was to have the pool pad on the side of the house in a nook that would be created by the new fenceline BUT was quite close to the property line
2b. As we got moving, we (the PB and I) realized that due to setback from property line and the side of the house itself, the equipmant pad itself would be a nightmare to do any kind of maintenance on with almost zero clearance between the fence and equipment and pipes etc... which would mean stepping over pipes to access things.
2c. So, now we are pouring another equipment pad in line with the AC units. (In the video above, the AC units are DIRECTLY below the viewing angle of the camera.)
2d. The equipment pad that was poured on the side of the house will stay and still be enclosed by the fence but the only thing on it will be the heater. This will leave more than 4' behind the heater that I suppose i can use to store "stuff" over time.
2e. My current plan is to install a section of 4' high vinyl fence in front of the AC units and main equipment pad to shield them from view from the pool a bit. The units are brand new and very quiet, but I just think looking at them while I float will be a detractor for me.
3. One of my neighbors is unhappy because one of the concrete trucks knocked a limb off of a low tree around the corner and it apparently fell on his houseguest's car and caused quite a bit of damage. My assessment is that will need to be taken up with the concrete subcontractor if anything.

Overall though, i think that if the above is all of the problems we've encountered so far we are doing ok! The PB still thinks we are on track for an end of July finish and swimming by the first week of August and I'm so excited that I'm sure my coworkers are tired of me forcing them to look at day by day pictures of the build. :laughblue:


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Jun 16, 2019
Those problems you had to address are ones that would have been far worse if you plowed through now and had to live with later. Keep your head in the game and do it right the first time, even when it’s not a desired use of available time. You will have however many more years to kick yourself that you didn’t take an extra week or two on getting it right.

As far as the tree goes, It would be hard not to laugh directly at them but that wouldn’t be polite. That’s absurd if they think it has anything to do with you. You kindly offered all the info you had on them, your part is done.
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