Bubbles from Return - Is this Normal


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Jul 28, 2008
Sinking Spring, PA
My pool has three returns, two top skimmers and two bottom drains.

From time-to-time I notice a stream of tiny bubbles coming from the return closest to the pool equipment. You can see them trail out for about 6 feet. This usually lasts for about a minute or two. It frequently happens when the pump first turns on, but it may also happen after the pump has been running. It is always the same return. Nothing seems to be wrong, but I am just curious if this is normal? Could it be related to the polaris cleaner I have that has its own booster pump?



It is bubbles from your SWCG. When it cycles on it makes chlorine gas. You are seeing that return to the pool.


It's nice when it is an easy answer and requires no work, isn't it? :party: :whoot:
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