Bubblers and loungers


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Jun 5, 2017
Oil City PA
We’re still in the somewhat build process but we have bubblers in the tanning ledge, deck jets in the concrete, and laminar led jets just outside the concrete. We use the bubbler and deck jets for maintenance. In NC it gets hot! Ever take the kids to a kiddie pool? That water gets way hotter than the big pool. So bubblers and 2 returns keep cooler water moving on the ledge. The deck jets pull there water from the drain and bring that cool water to the top, thus cooling the pool. Works great for us in the south. Laminar are just for fluff for the captain at night. Lol
Just as a matter of knowledge, the cooling that you are getting is likely not a result of where the deck jets pull the water from, but more a by product of evaporative cooling. The deck jets are acting like big fountains to help cool the water.
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