Brushing after acid wash and/or adding calcium?


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Jun 2, 2019
The PB just did an acid wash on our pool under warranty.
They didn't really tell us much about anything we may need to do after doing this. (If there is anything)

Since the acid wash exposes fresh plaster, I'm wondering if we're supposed to be brushing it like we did when the pool was first freshly plastered?

I also was adding calcium yesterday and today to get it into range. I brushed a bit after that, but curious if that's a necessary step after adding calcium, anyway?

I put my robot vacuum in there yesterday and I feel like I see marks in the plaster that I don't think we're there before... But maybe they were?

Should I not use my robot vacuum in it for a certain period of time after the acid wash, or adding calcium, was done?

Thank you! 😁


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Jul 10, 2012
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Brushing-I would brush daily for a little while. Let the plaster dust or lack of tell you when to back off on the brushing.

I brush after adding any chemicals just to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry to me.

Robot cleaner-I would hold off on it again to be on the safe side again. Sorry about that LOL



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Jun 2, 2019

I wish they had told me this.
I've been brushing for 3 or so days now and there still seems to be quite a bit of dust.

I'm quite annoyed I have to do all of this over again so soon, and especially that they didn't even tell me to. 😠 It's time consuming also. I'd like to hire someone to do it. Any takers? 😜
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