Brown Water after New Liner and chemicals put in


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Jul 31, 2018
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A pool company resurfaced my IG pool, installed a new liner, filled, and added chemicals. Now the water is rust brown. They said one of the guys added an algaecide by mistake that caused a chemical reaction with Metal Free chemical. They retested the water and added Phos Free and Super Metal Out. Said to circulate pump/filter for 24 hours and add a specific more amount of Super Metal Out. Should I just empty and re fill or do as they say?
Copper 0.2ppm
Phosphate 4457 ppb


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Jul 10, 2009
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Did they fill it with well water? If so it probably has iron in it and the chlorine oxidized it brown. Once you have rust oxidation it won't go back into solution so throwing more Metal Free in there is just a waste of money. Get some polyfil pillow stuffing from a craft or fabric store and fill up the skimmer with it. Do not pack it tight. This will help catch all the rust and filter it out. You can rinse and re-use the polyfil and then throw it away when you don't need it anymore. It may take a couple of days with frequent polyfil changes to clear up the pool. The good news is once it is all filtered out it won't come back unless you add alot more iron filled water to the pool.
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