bromine to SWG; can i do it?

Jun 7, 2017
Hello I have struggled with my above ground bromine pool for 20 years and am sick of it!!! Can I switch from bromine to salt and how do I do it? Green pool at least once a summer if I leave it for even a day! Will this change help?


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May 11, 2014
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Yes, you can add a salt water chlorine generator - But.....

It takes a long tome for bromine to go away. We generally say, once a bromine pool always a bromine pool.

The fastest and easiest way would be a complete water exchange, which is difficult for an above ground pool.

I'll see if Matt can add some expert advice to this one.....


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Jun 12, 2009
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You can run a bromine pool with an SWG and the chlorine produced by the SWG will convert to bromine, provided you have an adequate bank. Since bromine can't be stabilized against sunlight it will break down quickly, putting a lot of strain on the SWG to keep up.

I would personally just dump the water and start fresh. Getting an SWG pool up and running from scratch can be really easy. The important thing would be to test with an adequate kit, TF-100 or k-2006c, and get your chemical levels in line with the TFP recommended levels. The TA and CYA levels we recommend especially help keep things trouble free in a salt pool. SWG pools are not "set and forget", but with regular testing they can be extremely easy to maintain and keep the water consistently clear with minimal work.


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May 23, 2015
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Do you currently work in the pool industry?
I agree with JD, easiest option is to dump/drain the pool and start over. Has the liner been changed recently? If not, doing the drain along with a liner change makes it more reasonable...
Jun 7, 2017
Thank you for your advice! I'm not sure that this pool will last long enough to make a liner change worth the money. We changed it 3 years ago. Can I maintain my pool by just using liquid chlorine and NOT using the bromine feeder this year? I love the look of the pool since I started following your suggestions last year and stopped using the pool store chemicals and suggestions.