Bromine registering low


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Jul 12, 2010
Hello Everyone,

Great forum and I have tried to read everything and learn before posting. I have a Hot Spring Spa of about 500 gallons. I am trying to use the Bromine system as described here. I used the sodium bromide when filling to get the bromine bank. I am also using a floated and using bleach as a shock. TA and Ph are in balance, but my bromine levels go very low. I purchased the Taylor test kit and have religiously been testing.

Does it make sense my bromine level falls to around 1? How do I get it back to the target of 3?

Thanks for all the great information available in this forum.


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Apr 27, 2010
Fleming Island, FL
Hi rpm360, glad to have you on TFP.

It is hard to tell exactly what the problem is without knowing exactly how much sodium bromide you added, how much bleach you used and what your float is set to. Ideally you add 30ppm sodium bromide to the water. This will not increase your FC since you have to add an oxidizer, bleach in your case to convert some of the sodium bromide in the bank to active sanitizer. Then the float, if properly set will maintain the FC at a certain level if set properly. So you see, any one of these elements could be at fault but not knowing how much of each element you did it is not possible to determine what the exact solution might be. Post the amounts to each and we can help you further. You will need to shock if you have bather load also. The float is used to maintain an empty spa and is usually not capable of handling substantial bather load.

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