bromine coverting to chlorine

Larry Mag

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Jul 11, 2010
I am currently using bromine for the first time in my new pool . Besides the cost factor I am not sure if it is as effective as chlorine which I have always used in my old pools . I am looking to convert from bromine to chlorine , I have a gunite in ground pool .Any advice would be great .

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
Tucson, AZ
Larry Mag, welcome to TFP!
Converting from bromine to chlorine is very difficult. Essentially, you have to do a 100% drain to get all of the bromide out of the pool. How long has it been operated as a bromine pool? If it hasn't been too long, there may not be too much bromide in the water and it could be possible, though still difficult.