Broken Weir Door "Hinge Tab" in Skimmer


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Jul 13, 2015
Huntingtown, MD
I have what I think is a "bad" problem to have. I have two skimmers. Pentar S-15 Model 84900300. One of them I noted was "broke" when I opened the pool a month ago.

Here is my skimmer:

One of the two little circular hinge pin/tabs at the very bottom that hold the Weir in place...well it broke off. My pool guy who only install/removes my cover (I do EVERYTHING else)....well, he lost the tab...although I had carefully placed it in safekeeping just in case I could use it in some miraculous re-attachment scenario.

So now...I'm not using the Weir door, and that's partly OK because I have a suction Kreepy Kraully unit that works really well (I lov eit and it was ONLY $89!!!) I connect it to the broken skimmer with no Weir...and I keep both skimmers open all the time...and Kreepy unit and other skimmer together works great!!! (Note: Kreepy is not to happy when I also turn on the floor drain return, it gets stuck on top of it sometimes...)

I hate that the Skimmer Weir Door is broke I am thinking about solutions for a repair.

Someone told me there is a spring-loaded Weir door option that miught staty in place with one pin still good. (By the way, who IS this WEIR guy and did he invent the door? LOL)

I have NO PLANS to rip out the $100 skimmer at a cost of $1500 labor (I'm told that's the going rate here in So. MD) to replace...LOL. Ain't gonna happen.

Another thought: I wonder if I can lower the water level below the skimmer and drill / install a small insert screw/pin in to the exact location where the little plastic tab hinge pin broke off? The diameter of the insert would have to be equal to or less than the broken pin to accommodate the Weir door...that's a pretty small diameter. Would it work? Would that cause a leak issue? I guess I could use a real good sealant around the threads of the new screw insert?

Maybe I can have a machinist make a specially designed threaded tab for me? Stainless steel of course.

Other ideas?

This is a new one for me!

Last comment: In three years at this home/pool I have NOT been very impressed with this Pentail Weir Door / Hinge design. The Weir doors crack/break often at the hinge interface...the little circular area at the bottom of the door....pain in the neck. My prior pool in a different home never once had same issue over 10+ years.

Thanks All...Great much useful info here for the "do it yourself pool guy".


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Aug 10, 2012
Check with Inyo Pools or Sunplay. They make replacement weir doors with springy pins and all sorts of other handy retrofit and repair options.

I don't know who Weir is or why they named a door after him. :-D


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Jul 13, 2015
Huntingtown, MD
Thanks Pooldv...I'll check in to it and report back. After looking at the special baskets and floating Weirs, that seems to me to be a "just as good" maybe better way to go. As I may have mentioned earlier, this Pentair S-15 Admiral Skimmer was not too impressive. Time and time again, the Weir door got stuck closed, and caused a loss of pump prime....the baskets are not well made, don't hold up under even normal wear, and they float up when pump off/full of leaves and spill the accumulated debris inside the skimmer. Its a mess. And so on and so on. Not a fan of Pentair S-15 Admiral skimmers.