Broken test kit or is everything evaporating?


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Jul 20, 2019
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I have a 16x32 above ground pool with a solid sand filter pump and a SWGC. I also have the vacuum that Intex sells-which kicks up stuff-doesn't suck it out.

I started the SLAM about -2 weeks ago?- I have the Taylor FAS-DPD kit (K2006) and only got 1 FC test that even turned pink to use the reagent on. I used all of the CYA test chemical and ordered a new large bottle. I have yet to have any registering of CYA. As far as I can tell, after putting 2.5 gallons of muriatic acid into my 14,400 gallon pool-I have zero CYA. I also used up all of the powder for testing for chlorine that came with the kit-and haven't found a place to buy it locally (we live in the middle of nowhere). Mostly I got no indication of any chlorine...despite so many gallons of bleach that I lost count. 15? 20?

It's been over 100 most days here in the middle of TX. Is that part of the problem? We backwashed at the beginning of the process, and again midway and again yesterday. We added water because it seems to be evaporating like crazy right now.

The pool cleared up and we swam in it. But we're still not showing any levels for FC or CYA. And algae is starting to return.

Is my test kit broken? Do I put any more stabilizer in? I have powder stabilizer. And I have another 1/2 gallon of muriatic acid. What's my next step here? I read about the sock plan w/ the stabilizer-but am worried to keep putting so much of that into my salt water pool. I'm a little scared of the pool math calculations. Do I keep following them after all the chemical I've put in? I read another response to someone else question that if they put the stabilizer in-it was there even if it's not showing up. So I'm pretty confused overall.

Thanks for your expertise and help!


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May 19, 2010
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Muriatic Acid does not add CYA ... it lowers the pH.
You have to add cyanuric acid to raise the CYA.

If you have no CYA in the water, then all your FC will be lost to the sun daily.

How much of Pool School have you read? Start with ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and follow the links through and check out the Recommended Chemicals article.


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Please read or re-read "The "ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School. You have some things mixed up and need to get a basic understanding of how and why to adjust the chemistry.