Broken jandy valve actuator


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Aug 18, 2015
All, I have a broken valve actuator. It’s been broken for a while, in the sense that one of my kids fell on it and broke the handle off of the top.
However, more recently, it has failed in that it will only turn one way. It’s on a three way T and it turns 180 degrees on the T. Currently, it turns counter clockwise. But will not turn clockwise.

I replaced the limit switches.

We have had several weeks of pouring rain, and when I opened the valve case, it was full of water. Having the handle
Broken off appears to have let water enter the housing. I blew it out with an air compressor and let it dry for a day.
I’ve actually already ordered a replacement actuator.

My question is this: can I take the valve actuator off. And just manually move the valve? Can I leave the valve in place with 4 of the 8 screws out?

Thanks in advance.


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May 3, 2014
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