Broken Inground Step


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Mar 21, 2009
Lower West Michigan
Does anyone have any idea how I could fix my broken step?

Also does this look like something that could leak? The pool lost water over the winter and I filled it a couple times. When I took off the cover the waterline was right at this step. I watched it for a few days and it stayed at this level. At first look it seems obvious that this could be the leak but when I look at it the grooves that look like cracks they seem purposeful to hold the step and the actual damage is not too deep.

I attached a some photos that I think will help explain a little better.

It is a 20x 40 marcite in ground pool about 40 years old if that helps.
And yes the water is awful but there is plenty of advice on this board that is easy to find so I am not worried about that.

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Jun 22, 2009
SouthWest Alabama
Is the one above it just like it?

You could make a mold of the good one and the broken one and take it to a boat repair place and see if they can make one. They may even be able to make a mold and mold it in place.