Brick Coping Repair


Sep 30, 2021
West Chester, PA
We have been experiencing some falling tile and some deteriorated mortar joints at the brick coping at our 11 year old pool. I called a mason to give me an estimate to do some repairs. He went around the pool and noted that the brick coping was delaminating around 2/3's of the pool. He did this by sounding for hollow spots. He gave me an estimate to remove and re-set the brick coping. He said it was being caused by the pool concrete deck pushing against the coping, which has caused the coping to delaminate...which makes sense. Is this something that is necessary to repair? Will it just get worse over time? Once repaired is this something that will have to be fixed again, or once properly repaired will it be solved? Just looking for some insight as I am a new pool owner who inherited these issues.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Your mason was describing your pool expansion joint.

The expansion joint need periodic maintenance to replace the mastic and keep it open.


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