breakpoint chlorination


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Oct 8, 2018
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In need of some advice, my test kit only tests FC, alkalinity, and PH. Bought them cheap, not the best I know, but it is what I have to work with at the moment. FC -0, ph -7.2, alkalinity -80 to 120. My water is blue green and cloudy, algae is def noticeable. I have tried super chlorinating my pool several times to no avail, both liquid and HTC mineral granules. There is absolutely no FC in the AM when I check levels. I don't think I'm adding enough, I follow the instructions on the product and NOTHING. Burning a hole in my wallet trying to fix my darn pool. I just cannot seem to maintain any chlorine in my pool, HELP.:confused:


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May 3, 2014
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You need to and you need a proper test kit to maintain your pool. FYI - 'breakpoint chlorination' is a pool store myth.

Order a TF100 test kit
The only other real option for a test kit is a Taylor K-2006-C. Be careful comparing prices because the K-2006 comes in sizes, designated by a letter. The basic K-2006 has .75oz bottles. You need to get the K-2006-C to get the larger bottles that you want.
I also have the SpeedStir. It makes testing much easier.

I suggest you read Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Trouble Free Pool School book.