BRAND NEW POOL_I just bought Shock and 3" Cholorine Tabs........then I found was referred to this site


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Jul 10, 2012
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Mar 11, 2019
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Okay so you are ready now. I have a set of links I put together for new pool owners. Now it is a lot info so take it slow and ask all the questions you have!

Print these out:
Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule

Pool School - Recommended Levels

Bookmark these:
Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

Trouble Free Pool

Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

Those numbers look much better than I had hoped for! SWEET!


I will get to reading on the material you shared and get back with any questions.


Mar 11, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Overall OK. Why is the CH so high? Have you been using Cal-hypo? Need to stick with liquid chlorine.

When your pH gets to 8, add muriatic acid to lower to 7.6. Over time that will drop your TA a bit.

When summer hits you might want to increase your CYA to 50 ppm.

Not sure why the CH is so high, or what has been put in it so far. It has all been done by our pool builder...other than the day we had pool school and I was set free. We tested the water at that time and she recommended we add 1.25 gallons of muriatic acid and to shock..which we did.

This is our first test since that time.

Thank you for feedback.