Brand new pool install with busted pipe under concrete


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Jun 26, 2018
So I’m just looking for some clarification or insight if there are other things I should be worried about now or even down the road.

We are getting a vinyl pool installed. Around 925sq ft salt water lagoon shape with sun shelf. 103661103662 Last week they came to start pump. Then muddy water started shooting through jets and coming from behind the liner all around deep end. So there is a busted pipe under concrete. Communication with project manager has not been very good so just don’t feel confident in what he tells us. At this point he has said we might not have to dig up concrete- my questions is
1. If they try to dig down to pipes without taking concrete up, won’t that weaken the structure of the concrete for further down the road?
2. Does this type of leak put my liner or structure of pool at risk? (Galvanized steal walls).
3. As water continues to evaporate over time, the sun shelf now has no water, is this harming the pool?

We went with a very reputable company(not cheap) for this pool build but I feel like it’s been cheap service. Down to their trash being scattered all over our yard, and now even just floating in our pool. I’m just want to be educated on what this means and means in future. I’m worried that if they “bandaid” fix it but then down the road something goes wrong we will be out of warranty period. As of right now there hasn’t been any talk of what excatly the plan is or when they plan to fix this. We haven’t seen project manager in over 3weeks. Is this normal?



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Jul 10, 2012
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The liner needs water on it to protect it from the sun. You need to start a written record of all of these issues with the PB so you will have solid records down the road. As for what is going on I am not sure but it does not sound/look good :(
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Jun 7, 2017
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It might not be your job, but it is your pool. I would document, but clean up everything and get the trash out of the water. I also would start testing and get some chlorine in that water before you have an algae outbreak. Get yourself the TF-100 test kit as you will need it going forward anyway and some plain old liquid-bleach from the grocery store. Put in a gallon a day and mix it up a bit with your pool brush/net. And yes, add more water to cover the shelf. How long has it been since the pool was filled?


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Jun 23, 2011
Did the mud happen just once, or every time the pump turns on? Could've just been dirt in the pipes that got flushed out the first time the pump started.