Brand New IntelliCenter For Sale- Still in the Box..


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Mar 30, 2018
If anyone is building a pool and is doing Pentair Automation - PM me....I have the following for Sale (Cheaper than Internet Prices)

Pentair Intellicenter i10PS Personality Kit (Brand New - In the box)

#521914 Pentair IntelliCenter Personality Kit i10PS Pool and Spa Control System
(1) IntelliCenter i10PS Personality Control System w/Touchscreen
(2) IntelliValve Valve Actuators
(5) Relays
Requires Power or Load Center. A complete IntelliCenter i10PS system requires a Personality Kit, Load or Power Center, WiFi Kit and/or Remote Control.

Pentair IntelliCenter i10PS Personality Kit Features:
This system is designed to operate a pool and spa with shared equipment.
Four auxiliary circuits plus filter pump operation.
Includes 2 IntelliValves

I also have extra relays and even some (in the box) intellivalves...........
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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Honestly, I'd keep it for spare parts if it were me. I've rebuilt my actuators enough to have at least one spare on hand and, given the "new-ness" of these IntelliCenters, you may want extra parts on hand....

But, if not, @Jimrahbe is seriously considering forgoing beer money this month to buy it....


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Mar 30, 2018
I have spare parts already! This is too good of a deal to let it just sit in the box - I figured I could help someone out and recoup some beer money from the build!!!!!